Our vineyards

An extraordinary stretch of land, between mountain and plain, our vineyards are spread throughout 6 municipalities: Mittelwihr, Bennwihr, Riquewihr, Bebleheim, Ammerschwihr and Colmar.

We own over 40 parcels of land that are a geological mosaic of soils.  From calcareous soil to clay, marly, granitic or slate soils, we are able to create a diversity of wines with intense aromas that will delight your senses!

Our wines are cultivated with great care, respectful of the different types of soil and the environment.  Our vines are revitalized alternating between us working the lands and natural sodding (controlling water levels in the vines.)

We work the lands manually as much as possible avoiding the use of modern equipment.  The grape variety is chosen according to the soil in each parcel, with the purpose of obtaining the most quality from each soil and to bring it all to you to enjoy.