Our terroirs

Full of history, our land has a diversity in the soils and a microclimate specific to the region that allow for select and authentic aromas.  Therefore, each grape variety is grown in a soil, which corresponds to its particular aroma.

Our Grands Crus :

The Mandelberg: Mittelwihr's Grand Cru

Facing south/south-west, the vineyard has optimal exposure to the sun. The soil is marno-calcareous.  The vines grow on a slope next to almond trees.  The Mandelberg is named after these very trees.  A very noble wine, the Mandelberg wines develop a pronounced fruitiness and a delicious elegance, the hallmark of wines from soils rich in magnesium carbonate and calcium.   These wines age very well.

The Sporen: Riquewihr's Grand Cru

At 275 metres of altitude, the Sporen vineyards are a natural cirque, sloping gently towards the south-east. The soil is composed of Lias marly-clay, decalcified on the surface and rich in phosphoric acid, resulting in early maturity, which in itself is a sign of quality.

The Kaefferkopf: Ammerschwihr's Grand Cru

The Kaefferkopf is on a hillside facing east and its altitude varies from 240 metres to 350 metres.  It is characterized by a complex geologic substratum on its higher points and by shell limestone and sandstone on the lower.  

The Kaefferkopf has grounds that are varied, but all fall under the typology of brown soils saturated in calcium and magnesium.