From past to present

A passion passed down through 4 generations, we have always followed the traditions of wine growing being respectful of nature and being careful of the quality of production.

Alfred Horcher (1900-1950) wine grower and wine broker was the first of the Horcher family to settle in Mittelwihr.  At that time, he owned 1ha. of vines.  He was one of the first to receive a gold medal in the 'Concours de Paris' before the war of 1939-1945.

Ernest Horcher (1921-1981) expanded his lands to 4ha.  A pioneer of the village in regards to bottling and filtration, he completed his first Alsatian bottling in 1953 and soon after, his first filtration.  In 1955, all of his wine is sold directly to the consumer.

Alfred Hubert Horcher took over the family business in 1981.  His very first year, he decided to add Crémant d'Alsace to his selection and began to modernize the winery. He expanded and now owns 10ha. of vineyards, two of which are rented out.
Today, he works with his children, Thomas and Lise.