Suggestions and Advice


Wine storage:

It is important to store your bottles of wine in a cool and dark place.
The bottles should be conserved at a temperature lower than 14°C and with 70% humidity.  Rather than overstocking in bottles, come and see us!

Serving temperature:

The ideal serving temperature for our Alsacian wines is between 8° and 10°C.
Pinot noir wines can be served cool (10°-12°C), but can also be served at room temperature or as you prefer.
Our Crémant should be served at a cooler temperature, between 5° and 7°C.

Crystals in the bottom of the wine:

Occasionally, crystals of tartaric acid can form in the bottom of the bottle.  To our knowledge, tartaric acid is unique to the grape and is in no way harmful and can be drunk.  Drinking the tartaric acid can easily be avoided by pouring the end of the bottle slowly.  These crystals can be removed chemically or by a finer filtration but this heightens the risk of lessening the quality, naturalness and authenticity of the wine.