2011: A delicate vintage...

The weather in 2011 put us through a lot!

The vineyards had to stand a strong winter (-20°C on decembre 26), then warm even hot temperatures during spring, drough for a period and finally lots od rain during summer.

The bud break happened early April (2 weeks earlier than a normal year). Dry, sunny and hot weather fastened the flowering end May.

Beginning of summer was humid and cool, so it slow down the vegetation and gave water to the vines. Nice weather came back on August 15th.

It was essential to select very carefully the grappes that were being pressed! But our harvest team didn't shrink back!!!

2010: A unique vintage

The harvest team from last year was back, the good atmosphere as well… And the sun was also there!

Despite the weather was hard during winter (temperature down to -17°C around the 20th of December 2009), the wine quality is ideal.
The crops on our vineyards were quite low, because of the cool and rainy weather in May. But the hot temperatures in July helped the grapes ripening just perfectly.
Result: Less grapes, but a high quality, there is a nice freshness in most of the wines, such as there is always in the best vintages!

2009: Amazing!

Good mood, sun and maturity stayed with us the whole time!

An extraordinary year, we just hope it will happened more often.
Early maturity, perfect conditions, fuitiness were the caracteristics of the year.
Due to a very cold winter, the bud break was delayed, but hte flowering was done early June. September, with its hot days and cool nights, complete the maturity of grappes.
As of today, such crops and quality were rarely seen.

2008: A noble vintage!

This is the year for ageing wines! With its present acidity, 2008 deserve to be kept in the darkness of your cellar!

2007: Bad memory...

2007 was the year where we watched mother nature destoying all our vines and grappes! Ouch hail!

2006: Knowledge

Hard vintage, where the winegrowers had to use all their "savoir-faire"to produce nice wines.

2005: Expressive vintage!

Fine and expressive wines, that deserves to be kept due to the high acidity of the vintage.

2004: Back to a balance

After 2003, 2004 seem to be back to normal with nice balanced wines! Reassuring!!!

2003: Heat wave

Everyone remember the year, our vines too!
The vineyards were so dry, the grappes burnt.
The result on wines: very fruity, aromatic and sweet. The only bad point is a lack of acidity... Wines to drink soon!